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Enhance Your Lips with Botox Lip Flip

Naturally full lips with a plump, defined shape can be easily achieved with Lip Flip. A lip flip relaxes muscles near the upper lip and corners of the mouth, which causes the edges of the lip to extend upward for a beautiful lifted effect that looks completely natural. Botox for lips is becoming more popular than ever. It’s one of La Jolla’s best facial plastic surgeons’ secret to creating the perfect pout!

Botox Lip Flip can be customized to meet your needs:

How does it work?

Lip Flip La Jolla
Lip Flip La Jolla
Lip Flip La Jolla
Lip Flip La Jolla

You may be familiar with Botox wrinkle injections. Now, modern science has shown that Botox for lips is also highly effective for non-surgical lip enhancement.

Using the same ingredient for wrinkle reduction, a safe, natural botulinum toxin protein is carefully injected into the lip area, into the muscle — in this case, the depressor anguli oris muscle, which is responsible for frowning or downturned lips.

This protein interacts with the muscle, causing a temporary, controlled loss of muscle movement. With the frowning muscle relaxed, the lips turn upward slightly at the outer corners. With the lip “flipped” outward, thin lips will look bigger and slightly upturned. Our lip flip clients enjoy a more youthful, attractive pout with just 4-12 units of Botox.

Dr. Malone strives to deliver the best lip flip San Diego has to offer, so she takes great care to listen to each client’s cosmetic goals, a testament to her high patient satisfaction rating.

She will use her expertise in facial anatomy to deliver natural, convincing results according to your personal preferences. When it comes to your lips, she is the San Diego Lip Flip expert you can trust.

After learning what you hope to achieve with lip augmentation, Dr. Malone’s Lip Flip procedure is fairly quick with minimal discomfort. The injections take just a few minutes to perform.

In 4-10 days the lips will flip outward and upward in a natural way, delivering a subtle enhancement for the full, feminine lips you desire without making it obvious you had anything done. Botox Lip Flip provides results that get compliments, yet no one will be able to pinpoint that you had a little help from Botox.

If you’re not ready to commit to permanent lip augmentation, then a combination of lip fillers and/or Botox for lips may be the right choice. Together or separately, they help thin lips look fuller without the discomfort, cost, and downtime of lip surgery.

Botox Lip Flip is a simple outpatient procedure that provides beautiful, natural-looking results in a matter of days, with results lasting up to 3-4 months. Lip flip pairs beautifully with lip fillers if you desire a more dramatic enhancement and fullness.

Alone, a Botox Lip Flip is excellent for patients that favor the most subtle enhancement possible. It is also perfect for correcting downturned lips that resemble a permanent frown. By flipping the lip outward slightly, it mimics the look of a small to moderate dose of lip fillers. Unlike fillers, the Lip Flip can also correct a gummy smile. Finally, Lip Flip is less expensive than the cost of lip fillers.

Lip Flip San Diego
Lip Flip San Diego
Lip Flip San Diego
Lip Flip San Diego

The main difference is a lip lift surgery is permanent, while Botox Lip Flip is temporary. A surgical lip lift permanently lifts the corners of the mouth, gently pulling the upper lip upward, toward the nose, for a full, plump pout.

Botox Lip Flip is a great way to “test drive” what the results of a lip lift surgery might look like, without the commitment or recovery time. As a premier San Diego facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Melanie Malone offers both procedures. Contact our office today for help deciding which treatment is right for you.

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Botox is typically sold by the unit, normally ranging from $12-15 per unit when performed by a qualified medical professional.

While Botox prices vary, the quality of the surgeon performing the procedure is the most important factor. Botox Lip Flip is quite affordable, as it is less costly than lip fillers or lip augmentation surgery. Usually, less than 12 units of Botox are needed to achieve flawless results.

Lips are a delicate area and require special treatment by a trained cosmetic surgeon. It can be very obvious when someone has had nonsurgical lip augmentation by a practitioner that lacks experience.

As a premier San Diego facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Malone strives for fair and competitive pricing that reflects her advanced training and experience. As a double-board certified surgeon, you can feel confident knowing you are receiving authentic Allergan Botox purchased directly from the manufacturer.

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Lip flip is suitable for nearly anyone that wishes to have slightly bigger lips, correct lips that turn down at the corners or reduce a gummy smile. Manufactured by Allergan, one of the world’s most renowned makers of cosmetic injectables, millions of Botox procedures have been performed worldwide.

There are some limitations to who can receive Botox injectables, however. Women should not be pregnant or nursing at the time of injection. If you have a known allergy to the botulin toxin protein in Botox, then Dr. Malone will be glad to discuss other options to improve your smile.

If you have a known allergy to lip fillers containing hyaluronic acid or lidocaine, then lip flip may be the best way to enhance lips without surgery. While a combination of Botox and lip fillers will provide the most dramatic nonsurgical lip augmentation results, Botox Lip Flip works beautifully on its own as well.

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When it comes to San Diego lip flip, there are few plastic surgeons with more experience than Dr. Melanie Malone, MD, FACS. She is a double-board certified facial surgeon with a thriving practice in La Jolla, CA. Aging gracefully is her philosophy. Marrying the latest advancements in facial surgery with molecular medicine, Dr. Malone has a unique advantage.

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