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Facial Plastic Surgeon

How do I choose a plastic surgeon for facial plastic surgery?

Undergoing any type of facial plastic surgery is a decision worth taking seriously. Whether it be rhinoplasty, an eyelid lift, chin contouring, or a full facelift, facial plastic surgery changes can be significant, and you want to choose the surgeon who can accommodate your unique needs and preferences. So how do you narrow down your choices when choosing the right Facial Plastic Surgeon for you?

Ask for Their Qualifications

As you begin to research the procedure or procedures you’re interested in, it may be beneficial to consider a Facial Plastic Surgeon who specializes in the category of procedures you’re looking into. For example, some plastic surgeons generally work on the whole body. Some practices have a focus on medspa-type treatments, and surgery is not the primary function. Other doctors consider breast augmentation their specialty and rarely perform facial surgeries. Some doctors are board certified as only facial plastic surgeons and have extensive knowledge of face, head, and neck anatomy.

While most reputable surgeons are forthcoming about their qualifications and specialties, it is ultimately up to you to ask questions about their education, training, and experience. You can usually find basics like schools attended and relevant board certifications on their websites (for example, you can see Dr. Melanie Malone’s credentials.

Be sure to get consultations from multiple facial plastic surgeons.

Once you have selected a few surgeons from online research, make appointments for consultations. Most plastic surgeons offer complimentary consultations, and they should be willing to spend at least 30 minutes or more with you. This time should be spent discussing their general philosophy, their typical techniques, specific details about the procedure you’re interested in, and hospital privileges. Your surgeon should be able to answer any questions you may have thoroughly. They will likely also perform a brief examination and confirm if they believe you are a good candidate for your chosen procedures or offer insight about other options to help you achieve your goals.

Read their patient testimonials.

One of the best ways to learn about a surgeon and their practice is through patient testimonials. Online reviews on sites like RealSelf can give a great account of the doctor’s strengths, weaknesses, and how they are with patient care. Patients also typically post their real, un-retouched before and after pictures to give you an honest sense of the results that can be achieved with a specific doctor. On some sites, you even have the ability to comment on a post with questions that the original reviewer could reply to with further details about their experience (Here are Dr. Malone’s testimonials).

Get satisfactory answers to all your questions.

When you pose specific questions during a consultation with your Facial Plastic Surgeon patients should get detailed responses. Complex medical procedures can be confusing, so be sure to ask follow-up questions if you need further clarification. Look for the surgeon to explain each step clearly to ensure you understand the process. The doctor should elaborate on their overall approach to surgery and how they balance artistic considerations with surgical skill. They should also indicate which techniques they are proficient in and which ones they may be less experienced with.

Expecting a doctor or surgeon to excel in every method or procedure is unrealistic. For instance, if the surgeon highlights that they specialize in rhinoplasty but are less experienced in deep plane facelifts, take this as an honest evaluation rather than a deficiency. The ultimate objective is finding a surgeon who instills complete confidence and trust. An excellent surgeon aims to perform at their highest level and desires to treat the patients they are best suited for. They should not simply be seeking more clients if the patient's needs do not align with their skill set. If you feel compelled to book or are uncomfortable with the surgeon in any way, it may be best to seek a consultation elsewhere.

You Make The Call

In conclusion, it’s ultimately up to the patient to decide who they feel the most comfortable with and who they want to trust with their face. Meeting with a highly trained and compassionate plastic surgeon like double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Melanie Malone can offer insights and help your decision-making journey.

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